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If you are thinking to redecorate your place, studio, or filming set, here is the perfect location to find different Prints, Drawings, and Photographs. Those ones are the perfect start, or addition, to your Personal Art Collection because of accessibility and entry-level price points. 

We have a variety of Vintage prints, Original Pictures, and Posters at The Source Vancouver. All of them are mounted in their own unique frame.

Common Types of Art on Paper



Because many artists start their works with sketches, drawings can be a great way to get a piece of an artist's brainstorming and creative process. They are also widely available from many types of artists and popular among different kinds of cultures, making them a great fit into any art collection.

Drawings are also a great way to get a piece by a well-known artist for a low price. That is a good opportunity to decorate your walls, drawings tend to be less expensive than a finished painting.




Prints are, most simply, artwork art made into multiple iterations created through a transfer process. Prints are made using ink, paper, and the matrix. The matrix is the tool used to put the image on the paper. The most common matrixes used are etching, lithography, woodcut, and screenprinting.




Fine art photography is more than just capturing a subject, it is used for expression. Fine Art Photography is the use of film to fulfill an artist's creative vision. The prevalence of this medium has increased in popularity for art collectors in recent years. For many people is another option to find high-quality pieces for your collection at a good price. 


For many people, photography offers the opportunity to own great art at a lower price range. Additionally, photography easily fits into many offices, hotels, and homes as there is a range of subject matters and styles.

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