At the Source, we believe that the past should be a source of inspiration. 

Whether you are looking for a rare treasure or to completely refurbish your heritage home, The Source has something for you.  


We sell antique reproduction hardware, English pub decor, vintage items, and darts. 


The Source Building was built in 1904 and we have been in business for 40 years. The Source owners originally rented the bottom floor of the building for the Antique Store. The owner of the building decided that it was time to retire and so the property was sold to a young couple who rented the local.


The owners have kept up with the tradition of the building and kept the bottom floor retail and the top floor accommodation. 


The Source Antiques specializes in Pub Signs, Pub Decor, building and furniture Hardware, and Professional Darts which normally come from England.


The building being over 100 years old has seen several different tenants yet the use of the building has not really changed. 

During WWII tons of salmon were packed here to be ship to the soldiers fighting. The tins were loaded at the back of the store and then loaded onto the barges that were parked where Science World is currently located.


The floor at the back began to give way and they have to cement the area so that the floor would not collapse. The upstairs has always roomed for people to were coming into Vancouver on the trains and needed a place to sleep before taking off on the next leg of their adventures. It was known as The Sony Hotel and had approximately forty rooms. It is currently the Main St Hostel for young travelers experiencing their own adventures.